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Gabriel Cyphre BIOGRAPHY (and the curiosity)

- Gabriel Cyphre -

Gabriel Cyphre, one of the most shocking and devilish artists in the music scene.

The Biografy

Gabriel Cyphre is a model, make up artist, photographer, web designer, but before these is a musician and singer. Nickname is Evils Celebrity and is famous for first on myspace for his androgynous aesthetics and his asexual features.


When was a child Gabriel was a victim of psychological and morals violences by the peers, that is the cause to forced Gabriel to lock him up inside in his personal world creating and building the strange character that today we call it "Gabriel Cyphre".

Consecration to the Music

"I've find my dimension in my music" he said in a radio interview released the october 2009, he said that in his adolescence while he watching some artist in the scene of rock (David Bowie, Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, Cradle of Filth...) performing on a stage, he felt a strange emotion like an orgasm, and from that moment Gabriel understood that the music would be his destiny.


"I've created a sort of double personality in conflict against itself, a part equal but opposite from the other part".
From this we can leaked the name, where the simple words "Gabriel Cyphre" means duality, with an implicit way, because Gabriel is the good, the beautiful and love, but Cyphre is the supreme evil, the cruelty and hate.

Music Career

"There was the 25 December 2008 and i decided to give me a christmas gift, so i gave me a dream that i would promise to grant, the fame, so i created a myspace account, " from that day Gabriel was known on a lot parts of the world via web where the same Gabriel Cyphre publicated himself erotic and pornography pics, where he was totally naked and without genitals.
With this way Gabriel earned over than 10.000 friends on myspace in one year, and 40.000 visualizations.
But the true musical career of Gabriel was started via web, where he publicated autoproducted songs on myspace and youtube, and other sites where people commented with complacency to his songs and his sick and perverse image.
The Music

A background of electronic notes interwoven with a synthesizer, envelops us in a futuristic atmosphere, through fully melodies and powerful percussions we can hear a soft line of symphony comes out from violins that makes everything magical and drammatical. The seductive voice of Kendra Scarlet, leaves space for the wrath of the words of Gabriel Cyphre “ Dancing With My Heart” is a song sometimes frighteningly powerful with some bracks of percussions that wrap the listener in a brief feeling of ecstasy.

The Discography

 03/09/2009 - Thirteen Strokes           Single     (youtube)

 25/12/2009 - Evil Celebrity                Single     (youtube)
 13/03/2010 - Beauty Criminal            Single     (youtube, bigcartel)
 16/06/2010 - Black Disaster              Single     (youtube)
 14/10/2010 - Tick Tock Sick             Single    (youtube)
 01/06/2011 - Heart Breakers ART    Single     (youtube, megaupload)
 13/06/2011 - Mr Dangerous              EP         (youtube, itunes, bigcartel)

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